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Help with managing your domains purchased or hosting with iHostGreen

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Help with your email hostined via iHostGreen


Help with your FTP account or how to use your FTP to connect to your files on your iHostGreen hosting

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Help with your hosting account including assistance with cPanel


Help with MySQL database system within your iHostGreen account

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There is no difference between the two. The actual directory that you place your web files in is...

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cPanel is an extremely powerful, web based control panel. cPanel provides a point and click...

 What is the default MySQL port?

The default port is always 3306


It is suggested to use WinMTR to generate a traceroute to send to iHG Support. Where do I obtain...

 How do I change name server?

To point your name servers (domain owned by another company) to firstprotocolGo to the DNS...